When you lead...life is all about the journey.

Welcome to AG's Sandbox...

The Sandbox is a place where people work together. The focus is to work with people, not “on” them or “for” them.

The firm’s roster of services speaks to the complete, holistic approach required for long-term sustainable growth and change. Tools include: Qualitative evaluation, assessment interviews, training and professional development. Soft skills, cultural competence along with executive retreats round out the offerings.

Professional Engagement

At AG's Sandbox we typically engage with organizations in three ways.


Interested in coaching? I will help you identify and achieve your goals through personalized guidance and support. I will provide you with the tools and resources needed to reach success in any area of life...

Project Management

Working with a team of people to bring about lasting change is the foundation of project management...

Community Engagement

Understanding there is a gap between systemic partners, community engagement offers a crucial path forward...

No trumpets sound when the important decisions of our life are made. Destiny is made known silently.”

-Agnes de Mille

AG's Sandbox offers powerful results based on decades of thought leadership

Clients and community organizers point out the value that Ms. Amelia brings to the proverbial table as she has a firm sense of what is taking place in the community and in the country through strategic connections.

Leveraging a "Seat at the Table...."

Ag's sandbox does more than just talk about solutions

Actively involved with strategic partners to test and enact projects that yield measurable results is what the firm is all about. Both local and national leaders who are civically engaged understand the value that AG's Sandbox provides.

"When you are busy doing the work in the trenches and receive an invitation from Congress to strengthen relationships, while expanding your knowledge about upcoming key initiatives."

What Others Say

Amelia helped me discover that I do not need to quench my authenticity or passion to successfully navigate through already established systems. I now have the confidence as an emerging leader to create change in any situation that may come my way. I could not have done it without her compassion, guidance and expertise.

Sommer D. Clayborne

Development Specialist

Amelia is passionate about developing leaders. She possesses a great amount of insight and knowledge that she shares in ways that are affirming and builds self-confidence. She’s continuously provided a safe space for me to ask questions, develop ideas and discuss issues that I’ve faced as a young woman of color navigating my career and community engagement.

Shardae Moss
Program Director

When working with Amelia on projects or key initiatives there is always a certain level of calmness and clarity of thought regarding the task at hand. Looking back I now understand it's her version of quiet strength through servant leadership of others. If you desire input from a thought leader or a confident project manager with an eye on results, then Ms. Amelia is the "go to" person.

Jason Carthen Ph.D.
Founder & CEO

Let AG's Sandbox eliminate the guesswork from your next big project or community engagement endeavor. Through a proven and tested methodology, AG's Sandbox continues to yield positive results for some of the largest corporations, community organizations and non-profit leaders in the country.

It's All About the Journey...

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