“Always remember that you are absolutely unique. Just like everyone else.”

Margaret Mead

About Amelia

It’s always challenging for me to write about me.  There are so many other exciting and challenging conversations to have with people.  However, I realize that getting know something about me will encourage you to take this journey with me.  “It’s all about the Journey” is my personal tag line and also my blog title. Here's a secret for you... “it will also be the title of my first book.”


I do believe that it's all about the journey.  Where you go, who you meet, what you learn and most importantly what you leave behind.  We will talk more about that in my blog posts.


I am a student of leadership and a practitioner.  I absolutely believe that the leader whether in the home, community, boardroom etc. influences the culture and consequently the success or failure of the organization or group of people she leads.


I am committed to the need for authentic community engagement.  “If you don’t use your voice; then you have no voice.” You will hear me say this time and time again on the journey.  I have too often sat at decision-making tables and observed others making decisions and choices for those who are voiceless…not acceptable.


I am a business owner.  Why?  The Sandbox was created to provide a platform to introduce others to the world, to be a vehicle to share my skills and gifts. Ultimately, I believe work can be play and play can be work.  Let’s have some fun!


What are my successes and challenges?  Who are my clients?  What are the goals of my business?  All these questions and answers will be found as you journey with me.


I am Amelia and I am excited that you stopped by the Sandbox.  Welcome!

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- A Gifted Leader -

Amelia is known for her ability to connect with followers through a servant leader capacity while leveraging emotional intelligence to engage others at all levels of the company. This level of engagement has not come quickly...in fact it's been forged over decades and through intentional study of the value of leader/follower relationships.

- A Heart for Service -

Amelia has won several awards for her service work in the community and abroad. She continues to forge new pathways for women of color and women in general. Understanding the tremendous importance of her platform she continues to mobilize and empower those who seek to have their voices heard during this lifetime.

- A Vision for Community -

Through a combined personal and company vision of assisting people to build powerful relationships in the community, Amelia continues to be strategic in leveraging powerful and authentic connections for those who seek to be a part of a larger movement in the community.

- A Mind Built for Strategy -

Through a very calm and measured approach to leadership, Amelia has been built for strategy. This is readily experienced by all who she actively engages as a client or a coach. Leveraging her understanding that she relies on a very linear thinking process she gets the right people on her team who can compliment her on project specific activities.

“My calling is not to fight the systems in this season of my life. My purpose is to equip leaders to keep the fight going ....”

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"Since 2017 I have been working with Ms. Amelia to categorize my priorities while maintaining a successful work and life balance. I now have the confidence as an emerging leader to create change in any situation that may come my way. I could not have done it without her compassion, guidance and expertise."

Sommer Clayborne Early Intervention Development Specialist

Ms. Amelia Gibbon has consistently exemplified the characteristics of an effective strategist and change-agent in her work.

It's dedicated professionals like her that take ideas and transform them into realities.

Angeline Johnson Consultant

Amelia's project management skills are impeccable. She is a gentle and firm leader; working to create consensus among the teams she assembles. Everyone is validated while being held accountable for their portion of the project. It is a refreshing experience when you trust AG's Sandbox to manage your project.

Crystal Taylor- Principal

I've known Amelia for several years and one thing that you can always count on when you interact with  her is sincerity and authenticity. Regardless of her circumstances or what may be taking place that day she will focus and rise to the occasion always placing the needs of others above her own.

Mireidy Santiago - Founder