Discover the 6 Ways to Make Your Next Project a Success.

project management

In today’s blog post I’m going to share a fool-proof plan to make sure your next project ends with a win for you and your respective team. Bold prediction right? Not really if you think about the step by step process that goes into the systematic nature of a project from start to finish. Fair warning…this is not a post that covers the 5 phases of the Project Management process. Think of it as an additional supporting effort.

Just remember…whenever something monumental needs to be done it can quickly turn into a nightmare of epic proportions. Cue the dramatic theme music and turn down the lights…it’s time for project management.

6 ways…

Culture – You need to be aware of the organizational culture of your client…what are the values/standards this will help to navigate the existing relationships…establish new relationships..the culture of the organization will clue you in on how the work gets done…what are the priorities.

Capacity – don’t assume anything about the capacity of the people we are working with or for. It is your responsibility to know this. You cannot effectively plan a project without identifying your resources and deficits BEFORE you start

Time Management – it seems fundamental and maybe you get the urgency of time management…but what about the people that you are working with or for? Projects have an start and end date..what happens in between will be guided by your ability to manage the timing of deadlines and implementation schedules

To Thine Own Self Be True – If you need the expert help of colleagues…collaborate…you are building your brand..don’t risk it because you don’t want to admit lack of experience/knowledge or because you don’t want to share the money…invest now for future opportunities

Be intentional about your Contract – This document needs to be clear and concise about the scope of the project, liabilities, dollars assigned to the project, reporting, data collection…not only is this a legally binding agreement…it will guide the goals and action steps you set forth to make the project a reality. Yes there is some standard language that must appear…but be mindful that each project is different and that difference needs to be reflected in the document…DON’T FORGET TO SUBMIT A REALISTIC BUDGET!!

Understand your “Why” – why are you agreeing to execute this project? Your why will need to sustain you through each stage of the work..your why will determine your level of commitment to the work..Are you doing it to create future business opportunities…because it drives your passion? Simply for the $$..because you owe some a favor? Your why is the fuel – make sure you have enough for the journey.