Community Engagement is a matter of the Heart....

Faint of heart need not apply....

After 20 plus years serving in the area of non-profit management, Amelia grew increasingly aware of the challenges that exist in the community at large.  For that reason she felt uniquely positioned to take action for those who otherwise might not have a voice to speak up for themselves. 

AG's Sandbox has thrived in this capacity due to key relationships with Federal, State and Local governments. When community partners acknowledged the gap between systems, and people who actually live in community, there was an immediate need to develop a bridge for both parties. 

AG's Sandbox's role in community engagement was born.

Amelia identified one of the biggest barriers as the inability to invite key members of the community to the table with other decision makers, to engage in helpful discussions that would benefit everyone.

Working with community leaders and key business stakeholders Ms. Amelia continues to ask the question of... "How do we engage a faction of the community that feels marginalized, or disenfranchised?"

Amelia Gibbon appears on the Reinvest Toledo Podcast

Amelia Gibbon provides tremendous insight into the power of collaboration as it relates to the community and  it's system partners who work together for the greater good of Toledo.

During the podcast Amelia discusses being undergirded by the generous support of the Greater Toledo Community Foundation, and how that support has allowed Reinvest Toledo to provide advocacy training in the LMI community, which has immediately shown notable research outcomes related to housing in East Toledo. Take a listen and let us know if you would like to hear more of these conversations by clicking the Contact Us button.

Amelia Gibbon's Reinvest Toledo Feature Story

Amelia Gibbon advocates for community engagement that supports informed needs from residents and stakeholders.

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Impact at the state level with Ohio's Lieutenant Governor

Amelia was invited to engage with Ohio's Lieutenant Governor John Husted as a voice for low to moderate income communities.

Leadership Series Luncheon at the Toledo Lucas County Library

At AG's Sandbox we don't underestimate the value of engaging with others. Why? Because we understand that community leaders play a vital role in shaping the direction of their communities. Their vision, passion, and ability to inspire others can make a significant impact on the well-being of their communities.

One way community leaders can stay up to date on important issues affecting their community and network with other influential people is by attending leadership luncheons. These events provide a platform for leaders to learn, share ideas, and form meaningful connections that can lead to positive changes in their communities.

Ready for a Change?

AG's Sandbox stands ready to partner with others in the area of community engagement. Our goal is to change the narrative when it comes to those who are disconnected and possibly disenfranchised in society.

Your greatest opportunity for lasting victory in this lifetime is linked to your desire to serve others.”

-Dr. Jason Carthen