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Amelia has served the city well as a leader of social service agencies....

Ms. Amelia

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How Partnerships  can change the Narrative

AG's Sandbox is excited to partner with community organizations both large and small for lasting impact.

For example, Amelia is serving in a key strategist and director role with Reinvest Toledo (RT) as they carry out their vital mission of serving as a community connector that impacts residents in low to moderate income communities.

Her role and subsequent contributions allows the organization to partner with a professional without the cost of an employee, which would be a financial hardship at this time. Through Amelia's company, RT has access to an operations team that assists Ms. Gibbon in completing tasks for the organization.

Residents, leaders, and stakeholders from East Toledo, North Toledo, the Junction Community, the Monroe Street corridor, the Broadway Street corridor, and Five Points in the City of Toledo formed Reinvest Toledo (RT) in February 2015.

Reinvest Toledo exists to be a community connector that impacts residents in low and moderate-income communities. Our vision is to:

• Be a catalyst for neighborhood organizing, led by residents.

• Be an advocate for neighborhood investment from banks and community developers.

• Be a forum for neighborhood leadership to meet, plan, and strategize.

Amelia continues to remain a relevant voice both locally and nationally and has received multiple awards for her work in the community. She is frequently quoted as an expert for articles appearing in national publications, journals & magazines and appearing on radio programs and in the media. 

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"My calling is not to fight the systems in this season of my life. My purpose is to equip leaders to keep the fight going when I am no longer on the scene."

Your Legacy is found in your ability to influence others....

Since 2018, Ms. Amelia has served as a Co-Chair of our committee for the redevelopment of St. Anthony's Church in the Junction neighborhood, a majority African-American neighborhood in Toledo's central city.

Through this work, Ms. Amelia has provided steady leadership that helped the Land Bank navigate key considerations of neighborhood residents and stakeholders and give these individuals a "seat at the table" for long-term decisions that will affect their neighborhood.

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