It’s All about The Journey

“If you would not be forgotten as soon as you are dead, either write something worth reading or do something worth writing.” —Benjamin Franklin

It’s Sunday morning and I am sitting on my deck.  My companions, the squirrels, are running from tree to tree chatting.  Diesel (my fur baby) is barking and making his own moves, trying to determine the best way to get the squirrels and the birds.

It took me while to make the decision to begin blogging about my decision as minority female, over 55 to become a business owner. Would there be anyone interested in this journey?  I believe there are others like me, seeking the courage to take this step.

This is my “Why” post. 

Why did I decide to start my business? 

Freedom – This is an interesting aspect of starting your business.  There is the dream of setting your own schedule, saying no to people you don’t want to work with, working from your deck, no boss dictating what you can or cannot say. There is the reality of budgets, brands, messaging, netweaving (not networking), strategic planning and the list goes on.  I needed, longed for and passionately desired to experience freedom so I could do all the work involved in being a business owner.  Freedom to dream my dreams and move them to my reality instead of someone else’s.

Resources – Please understand that becoming a business owner is more than making money. It really is about spending the money to gain the other resources needed to carry out your mission.  It is the “other” that fuels me every day.  Those other resources include the ability to expand my circle of influence, to build a team of experts equally passionate about affecting change in low to moderate income communities and last but not least to create a team committed to executing successful community engagement activities.  These are the resources that I want at my disposable as a businesswoman.  I think about this every day; systemic changes, leveraging my voice and providing a platform that elevates the voices of a vulnerable community. What I absolutely know is this, how I use the 24 hours I am given daily will determine if, when and how I obtain these identified resources.

Legacy – As we age, we begin to think about what will we leave behind.  Now, some people are not concerned about this. They feel that it doesn’t matter and they live in the now. I am not one of them.  I believe that if I pour into people, my voice will echo in generations to come.  Creating Sandboxes for work and play allows me this opportunity to connect and build this legacy.

My Why?  Having the freedom to dream,  the ability to garner the resources to move from dreams to reality and the creation of my legacy.  AG’s Sandbox is the vessel I use to operate in “My Why.”

What is your Why?

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