The Pot-Bound Post

Tear Down to Build Up

I am absolutely sure this title will get your attention for a number of reasons.  What does it have to do with building your own business?  Glad you asked.

So let’s clarify, I am talking about a pot in which you plant food or flowers, not the pot that you smoke.  I know some of you will stop reading now, that’s cool. I totally get the loss of interest.

I am by no means even a novice gardener yet.  This is however one my goals for this season of my life.  In my pursuit of learning more about gardening I have discovered what many gardeners already know: Gardening and living your one wonderful life have very similar processes.  Today, I would like to talk about repotting plants and finding the courage to start your business.

Potting and Preparation

I began to notice that several plants stopped growing and began to die.  I went to my sources; both people and the internet, to determine what I was doing wrong.  I gave plant food, watered, put them in the sun, I even talked to them. I did not sing.  Nothing living on earth deserves that.  I learned it wasn’t my lack of care, it was actually because of my great care that this phenomenon was happening.  My plants needed more room.  They had outgrown their pot.  I am a nurturer so my immediate thought was what if I kill them when I move them, this soil has been cultivated and it met their needs, what type of pot should I get and what if it is too big? I had lots of questions and concerns about this new move and the long-term impact on my plants.  I discovered there was a process to repotting and I could learn how to do it.   It happened all the time and the reality was if I did not repot my plants correctly, they would die.  I refused to allow all the hard work and the potential of the plants to die a slow death because of my fear of the unknown.  I repotted my plants.  I discovered along the way, making the decision was the hardest part, the preparation was time consuming, the actual act was rewarding because I knew:

I was honoring my past labor

I was positioning the plants to produce more

I was increasing my own knowledge base so I could become a better gardener

I was giving back to the world by producing food and the beauty of flowers to share


I know all of my readers see where this is going.  I had to be repotted.  I was dying a slow death.  My cultivation was done well.  The degrees, senior leadership positions, community activism, divorced mom raising two awesome young people, family matriarch, mentor the list goes on…but I was still dying on the inside.   I checked all the boxes and many would say I had arrived.  However, what I knew was like my plants my root system needed to expand…I desired to go deeper…I needed more freedom, I was compelled to build legacy and I wanted to give back in a significant way while on my journey. 

I made the decision and trust me, it was hard.  I prepared and found out the more I knew the less I knew. 


I found the perfect pot!  AG’s Sandbox.  This pot honored my past labor because I would provide services that reflected my expertise.  As a business owner I determine my level of productivity.  I am constantly learning so I can become a better entrepreneur.  I will eventually give more back, but first I must acclimate to my new soil, find the right nutrients, get plenty of exposure to sunlight and protect myself from harmful insects and other environmental obstacles.

Watch me grow!

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