Who we are is more than a slogan or a stated objective...it informs our very existence....

Allow us to formally introduce ourselves:

Our Mission

We offer coaching, community engagement, and project management services as tools and learning opportunities to help our clients affect change in low to moderate-income communities.

Our Vision

Low to moderate income communities that have access to the Sandbox will be equipped with tools and resources that assist them to meet their goals for community change. 

Our Value Statement

AG’s Sandbox’s values are rooted in integrity and trust. We believe these values are essential when working with people that live in vulnerable communities. It is our responsibility to deliver services that are credible and to create the atmosphere of trust needed to reach desired outcomes.


The Sandbox is committed to providing services that impact LMI communities. The Mission, Vision and Value statements reflect an understanding that positive changes need to occur in these communities.  These statements also identify the belief that individuals themselves should execute identified changes.  The Sandbox is positioned to be an ally in this work.

For this reason, there are no surprises to be found as we carry out this important work in underserved communities while fostering lasting and impactful relationships with our community partners. 

As the Principal of the Sandbox, this ethos informs all that we do and any project we initiate or collaborate on with laser specificity.